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The graph above is the number of monthly condo sales in Puerto Vallarta over the last 3.5 years. The purpose is to show you the the level of activity in the market and the changes over the last few years.

This data has been collected from FlexMLS over the last 3.5 years.

I do a monthly Real Estate Market Statistics (Pulling data together from the local Flex MLS). See these monthly statistics going back to October 2020 at

I’ve chosen ´Condo´ sales in PV to represent the Sales Numbers as that’s the biggest market and more accurately reflects the activity of the market (more so than house and land sales although these also trend in the same directions).

The graphs above show the COVID boom when people reassessed their lives and made different decisions. For example:

  • Work from home, but lets work from home in Mexico.
  • Lets retire earlier, life too short not to make the rest of life enjoyable
  • Home country covid restrictions, therefore lets move to Mexico where things are more relaxed.
  • Low interest rates at the time
  • People made a lot of money on their rental investments and chose to sell one and buy a vacation property in PV.

This demand for PV real estate and the boom drove many more sales and pushed up the prices a lot. (And also brought many new real estate agents into the market as it is always  a profitable time to be selling real estate in a real estate boom).

The yellow line in the graph above shows (other than the covid boom), there is a consistent line of how the PV market performs and it shows we are now in a normal market again. Not a bad market but a normal market (in terms of transactions and activity).


Why is now a good time to be buying?

  • More listings to choose from
  • Less buyers in competition
  • Time and room to negotiate a bit more
  • The market will turn and be HOT again and will move swiftly. Don’t wait too long, otherwise you’ll miss out on buying in a ‘buyers market’.
If you would like to talk further about the above information, contact me anytime. 
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If you are going to invest in Pre-Construction, it's best to take all the precautions to minimize risks and maximize the probability of a successful journey through the entire process.

Here are 4 important things to do and think about when buying pre-construction:

1) Have the purchase contract and all the permits reviewed by an independent, Puerto Vallarta, Real Estate Lawyer.

2) Choose a development represented by a reputable real estate agency.

3) Choose a 'buyers agent' to represent you (it doesn't cost you any more). Someone you trust and an agent who is experienced with selling pre construction so they can see any red flags and alert you to them.

4) Don’t be attracted to Good Prices without doing careful due diligence. Prices to build have gone up a lot over the last few years. Quality developments built by quality and experienced developers are not cheap. Therefore how are developments that are cheaper, do a good quality job when finishing? Don't rush into opportunities that seem 'too good to be true'.

I hope the video provides some value!

Have questions on this topic? Please get in contact. 

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It's no secret, over the last few years, Puerto Vallarta has had a real estate bubble. Prices rose very quickly! And although things have settled now and we are in a normal market, what does the future hold for Puerto Vallarta?

This video talks about, from my opinion, some of the driving factors that will continue to make PV a world renowned destination and will attract people and investment here over the long term future.

I hope this video provides some value and comfort in knowing that real estate investment in PV is a safe and wise option.

You just have to look for yourself at the reasons people keep coming back here to Puerto Vallarta.

If you like the idea of investing in Puerto Vallarta, please get in contact with me and we can have a no-obligation chat.

I am often asked how the real estate market is... (Naturally, it's my life and career).

This video talks about how the market is now (March 2024) and the changes over the last 6-12 months.

We are now in a more normal/slower market than the 'boom' that we have been experiencing over the last few years. I talk about what this means for buyers in this market (and the opportunities presented). But don't think this moment will last forever. I have seen markets shift from a slow market to an insanely HOT market in the space of a few days...

Words of warning: PRE CONSTRUCTION

Pre-construction can be a great way to buy. Historically people have done very well and have also been able to buy what they wanted when what they wanted wasn't available in the resell market. But, not all developments are equal. Not all developments are worth investing in. The difference between a good and bad pre-construction purchase is massive in the result and your attitude/experience of it. Over the past few years, I have been optimistic about around 85% of the projects out there. Today I'm optimistic about around 45% of projects out there. It's important to do your research and due diligence. Also, don't necessarily go for the cheaper projects, as in the end, they can be much more costly in many different ways.

Prices might drop significantly? NO...

Remember, we are a cash market. For most expat property owners in PV, it’s their second property (it's their vacation property) and they own it with cash (no mortgage). Tourism and expat community is strong so rents are strong. So if in the future, for some reason, the market is bad, why would someone sell? There is no need to. Owners just continue to rent their properties for the income. They have no mortgages to pay. And they wait for the market to rebound with activity before selling.

Hence we don’t tend to experience a downward spiraling market where there are distressed sellers. My advice: don’t wait for a crash, it’s not coming. Now is a good time to be buying real estate in PV.

Do you love to know statistics and numbers?

You’ll notice sales numbers are down. I publish the real estate market statistics each month (from the Flexmls) and have done so for many years. It’s a good way to see the changes over time.  If this interests you, see them here at:

Do you have an interest in Purchasing real estate in Puerto Vallarta? Contact me today, this is a great time to be buying!

My hardworking team member and favorite dog enjoys the occasional relaxing day at Conchas Chinas Beach. 

POCKET LISTINGS… What do I need to know?


I am often asked about Pocket Listings… I want to give you information about Pocket listings so you have a bit more knowledge about them and get less caught up in the “hype” or “Fear of missing out” mentality that they can cause.


Firstly, what is a pocket listing? It’s when a seller chooses not to list their property publicly on the market and instead tells one or a few agents about the property for sale. Essentially the listing is “in the pocket” of an agent and not out there publicly. 


How buyers can perceive pocket listings:

  1. I might get to buy an amazing property that no one else has access to.
  2. I might get a bargain because no one else knows about the property.
  3. The property might be “underpriced” because the seller doesn’t know the real value of the property.
  4. Fear of missing out on an opportunity that no one else has…I should act on it! OR This is such a special opportunity that no other buyer has. I should act on it!
  5. I have more time to negotiate hard with the seller to get an extra good price because there are no other buyers to compete with. 



How some agents use pocket listings to get clients: Not to put my fellow agents down but some agents around the world in all real estate markets will sometimes use the line “I have access to pocket listings” to get clients to use them. As the client may think, “if I use this agent, I’ll get property opportunities that other agents can’t give me”. This is not the way to go.. read on for why...


The truth about pocket listings:


Firstly, let me ask you if you were selling your biggest asset, do you want the best price possible? 

I assume you would say yes to that. Does it make sense to keep it a secret but still expect lots of buyers and a good price? There’s an old saying, “you can’t sell a secret”.


In New Zealand, where I started my real estate career, I noticed 2 logical reasons for pocket listings 1) a celebrity client who wants to keep the sale of their property private and out of the newspapers or 2) a business owner who has many real estate agents as clients (eg a lawyer or accountant who has real estate agents as clients) and they don’t want to be seen to favour one client over another client by giving one client their listing. 


Now, As a seller, how do you get a good price? It comes from the competition of buyers wanting the property. More buyers are interested, and the “fear of missing out” or “urgency” emotions come into play. The buyer then offers their best price (maybe even over the asking price to secure their dream property). With competition, the price is bid up. With no buyers in competition, the price is negotiated down. 


So why would a seller choose to keep their property a secret from being marketed publicly?

It results in no buyers or 1 buyer, therefore “no fear of missing out”, then the one buyer they may get is negotiating the price down. The seller has no power. 

So why then?? The common reasons I see in PV are

 1) the seller has no motivation to sell. This is not a good situation for a buyer. The entire way through the negotiations and closing, the seller doesn’t budge. And if the buyer wants the property, they have to make all the concessions. I see this sometimes. An unmotivated seller who is just testing the market Or more likely humouring an agent by saying “if you get me $xx price, I’d sell”. (By the way, the $xx price is normally well over the market price because they have no need or motivation to sell). 

2) The property is lacking the correct documentation to be transferred to a new buyer easily. Therefore it can’t go on the MLS. This way the seller will sell as a pocket listing and leave the buyer under contract but in limbo land, while the documentation is being sorted with an uncertainty of when the property may close (This can be a headache for the buyer!). Fancy buying a property but not knowing when you can close and move in? 

3) Another reason why it’s not able to go on the MLS, therefore, stays as a pocket listing - the property has a “catch”. For example, I’ve sold 2 pocket listings this year with 1-year-long rental agreements attached. The buyers had to agree to honour the rental agreements. Therefore, the buyers have to wait more than 9 months before they get to enjoy their purchase. Are you willing to do this? 

4) There is one other reason for a pocket listing. The most reasonable reason: The time it takes from starting the listing process, getting photos and video done and the point it goes live on the MLS. In that window of time. An agent may invite a few agents/buyers to go through the property during that “limbo” time. The purpose is to get early feedback from buyers. Things like presentation, pros, cons, price feedback etc. But it works the same. A seller hasn’t had other buyers through the property to gauge the market value. And often a seller has a higher price in mind when listing until the feedback comes in. (Agents monitor the level of enquires, showings and offers in the first few weeks of a listing launch to gauge how buyers are perceiving the property and its listing price).

So if a buyer makes an offer at this time, naturally it’s going to need to be VERY good-looking. So again, the buyers' agent is using this opportunity to gather points from his clients. The seller's agent is using this to get feedback from buyers so he can position the property correctly on the market. And the seller is thinking of a higher price than what it may eventually sell for (as we always hope for the magical price when we first list our property…Why wouldn’t we!). So as a buyer, you’re going to need to open your wallet for this opportunity. 


I have a weekly newsletter and a large following of buyers subscribed. So, because of this, other agents will often contact me with their pocket listings In case I have a buyer for their pocket listing. I’ll go and have a look. I’ll ask, why it’s not on the MLS, and 99% of the time, there is a reason which fits into one of the above categories. 


Occasionally, with a “cowboy” agent, they drop their commission to get a listing. And then aim to sell the property to their buyer. This isn’t an ethical way to go. It’s not a pocket listing but a listing that’s kind of a secret as the agent doesn’t want it “out there”. This is unfair to the seller and can be a challenge for the buyer. 

For the seller: the agent is more motivated by his commission, therefore, selling it to their buyer therefore not promoting the property on all the platforms to attract lots of buyers. The seller will never know if they got a good price. It’s unethical and normally those agents don’t have long careers. The seller may be saving 1 or 2 % on the commission but losing 5-10% on the sale price. You do the Maths. Good agents are worth their commission because they live and breathe real estate. They know the market and know how to market a property / negotiate to get a happy result. 

In this scenario, for the buyer: firstly, the buying experience will not be good. The agent will be representing both parties but their real relationship is with the seller. And from my experience, when a seller doesn’t want to pay the fair commission, sometimes it means their personality will often be “hard-nosed” to deal with. So potentially, you’re buying a property from a difficult seller and an agent that is on the seller's side. And it’s hard to know if what they are saying is true or just to make the deal happen for their commission paycheque. And if things start to go wrong, you don’t have an independent agent to talk to. It can be an unsettling experience. And I have had buyers reach out to me for advice when they have found themselves in this position and they are full of anxiety. 


I can tell you this, knowing what I know as an agent: if I was to sell my property, I’d want it to be looking great, staged beautifully, photographed beautifully and marketed EVERYWHERE! So that as many buyers from as many different platforms as possible can see my property for sale, giving me the highest chance of buyers interested and the highest chance to have more than one buyer in competition for my property so my agent can extract the best price possible. Who wouldn’t want the best price possible when they come to sell their biggest asset? 


I hear you ask, “But what if I can get a bargain that no one else knows about”. Sure, this may have happened years ago, before people were educated on prices. Before real estate agents had to practice more ethically. Before websites existed like Zillow etc. Or before Comparable sales in your building or neighbourhood were easily accessible. People are savvy these days. If I think about it, I’ve never seen a pocket listing priced well below market value. It’s an illusion. And if you think you did, let me ask you, who convinced you of that fact? Your agent?…


Ps, you’re still wanting a bargain? You need to buy a poor-quality property in an undesirable location after it’s been sitting on the market for a long time. But why would you? Why buy a property that no one else wants to touch? You have to think about the re-sale to realise your equity. And I’ve noticed, not great properties don’t just turn into great properties after a touch-up paint job - it takes a lot more than that! I sometimes think it’s better to overpay for a quality property in a quality location Than get a bargain for a property no one else wants to touch. Buyer beware!


So, you’re buying a pocket listing? Things to know: There will be hurdles and compromises that you wouldn’t get if you were buying a property listed on the open market. Be ready. Be relaxed. Go with the flow. And do your due diligence, it may not be the “amazing opportunity” you think it is. And be represented by an agent you like and trust. 


I hope this gives you a little more insight. Im always available for questions, reach out to me anytime. 


Paul Trimmer


**This Article is written by Paul Trimmer and comes from his personal perspective.

This video is about the completed Development called OASIS, which is located just behind the Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta.

The magnificent Building, situated on the Rio Cuale (River), took two years to build. With a total of 93 units, ranging from studios, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms.

The built building features a magnificent lobby, well equipped gym, fabulous lush gardens, downstairs swimming pool and a rooftop swimming pool and lounge.

Nearly all of the units in the building have a view of the river and gardens/swimming pool down below in front of the building. Most units have views of the city and the mountains also. And units from the 4th floor and up have differing degrees of ocean views.

This is fast becoming a landmark Building in Puerto Vallarta that comes with serious quality and beauty. I was lucky enough to be an agent that sold a large number of units in the building. My aim and intention going forward is to be one of the “go to” agents for buyers wanting to be apart of this fantastic building.

If you think this could be a good building for you, get in contact with me and register your interest. And then if any units become available for sale, I’ll do my best to let you know ASAP.

Here is the video I did promoting the project in the early stages when the sales were first launched (You will see it was just a flat bit of land): 
In this video we talk to an established real estate lawyer (Orlando Santamaria from Lex360) in Puerto Vallarta about the risks and things to think about for buyers in buying pre-construction. I hope this video adds value to you! If you have any questions or comments, please get in contact with me.
Investing in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate?

What does it really look like for investment in Puerto Vallarta? Should you put your money here? What does the future look like for PV?

I had the opportunity to spend time with the “Wandering investor” YouTuber and investment coach in Puerto Vallarta. He dug deep into the reasons that attract people to PV and the investment reasons, pros and cons of bringing money to PV for real estate investment.

The wandering investor travels the world searching locations for “overseas” investment opportunities that allow an investor to diversity wisely in offshore markets.

See video above, and to read the Article, click HERE

For more information on ¨The Wandering Investor¨, visit
A nice country escape..

El Tuito is a small town about 1 hour South of Romantic Zone. It's fast becoming a place for people to have a country home away from PV yet still close enough to town. The landscaper changes to more forest and dryer hills. And the temperature tends to be a few degrees cooler there and less humidity in the summer. If your wanting a country feel but also love what PV offers, consider a country home in El Tuito to complement your PV pad. 

A long quiet and beautiful beach, your beach escape...


2 Hours from PV (1 hour from El Tuito) is Mayto Beach. There is a few small hotels but otherwise a very untouched and unpopulated part of the world.  If you like the idea of a long stretch of golden sand beach and hardly anyone in sight, consider a retreat to Mayto Beach. Keep in mind, it's open ocean, so the sea can be dangerous for swimming. 

Introducing the newest member in my Real Estate Team. His name is Zac and he’s a 6 month old Dachshund puppy.

He’s in charge of being cute at real estate showings and also attracting new potential clients with his cuteness. 🥰🐕🐾🥰

Welcome to the family Zac and also to the team at Paul Trimmer Real Estate Agency.

The curious need for a land trust when buying property on the Mexican coasts.

Buying property in a country different than yours can be quite a puzzle, not only because of the language barrier but also because, when it comes to real estate, each country has different legal concepts and regulations. Acquiring property on the Mexican coasts is perfect example of this, particularly because in Mexico our Constitution prohibits foreigners from acquiring direct title over property located in what is called the Restricted Zone (50 kilometers from the coast and 100 kilometers from the borders). You may ask yourself what is the reason for this prohibition and to answer that question we must review some history.

Remember the Alamo?

If you are American and you paid attention during your U.S. History classes, then you might remember the U.S.-Mexico War over Texas and the Battle of the Alamo. What you probably don’t remember is the cause of that conflict: back then, Texas was mostly deserted and part of the Mexican territory, so the Mexican Government granted new settlers title over land in that area. The first new settlers were 297 American families who were granted title over property throughout Texas. With time the number of foreign settlers increased, they decided to become an independent country and the rest is known to all of us: a war started, and in the end Mexico lost the Texas territory to the U.S.

So in order to prevent these events from happening again, a prohibition was established in the Mexican Constitution which prevents foreigners from acquiring direct title over property located on the restricted zone.

Later on, many foreigners still wanted to buy property on the Mexican coasts but still where unable to acquire title. The Mexican government then had to provide a solution without amending the Constitution and the result was a Mexican land trust or Fideicomiso.

And how does this land trust allow me to own property on the Mexican Coasts?

By using a land trust, a Mexican bank has direct title over the property you acquire. This is the way to get around the legal prohibition of the restricted zone but still provide security and legal certainty to your investment. As beneficiary of the trust, you will have the rights of ownership over the property: rights to use the property, to lease it, to improve it, to transfer title, to pass on to your heirs, to use as collateral, etc. The assets that banks have in trust, legally are not part of their capital, and can never be touched for the bank’s liabilities, so your investment is protected in this regard.

There have been some attempts to amendment to the Mexican constitution and lift the ban that prevents foreigners from acquiring land in the restricted zone, however nothing has been passed yet in Congress. The land trust is still (and probably will still be for some years) the only way for you to acquire land on the Mexican coasts, so you should try to take advantage of the benefits this tool offers.
There is a lovely walking Path from the Malecon to the back of the Romantic Zone along the Rio Cuale. There are some beautiful properties and murals to look at. There's a boutique hotel to stop and have a cocktail at on their rooftop (Open to the public for drinks). A very pleasant walk and I highly recommend it. Start on the Malecon and walk down the stairs onto the island, follow back through the market. At the end of the island, you'll see a small walking bridge to the right. Cross that and then continue along the river. It gets really beautiful back there. And the river is very picturesque.
Haven't found your Mexican Dream home yet? Why not build it? This video just touches on a few points to think about before taking on a project like that. I hope it provides some value to you. Any questions, reach out to me anytime.

Versalles is full of color, vibrance, fantastic food and Mexican charm...

Why Paul likes Versalles and why he thinks you'll like it too:
- Central location (15 mins or less to Old Town/Romantic Zone & 15 minutes to the Airport)
- Wide and spacious streets retaining the Puerto Vallarta Style and tradition with (some) cobbled stone streets
- many many Restaurants (And more restaurants coming all the time...)
- A mixture of older style condos and brand new construction with all the amenities we love (Roof top pool, gym, security etc)
- A great neighbourhood for Short term (Airbnb) rentals, Long term rental and also to live in and enjoy the neighbourhood.
- Close/Walking distance to the best supermarkets and Costco
- Walk to the hotel zone beach in 15-25 minutes
- Great price points for new condos ($150k to $400k USD for 1, 2 & 3 bedroom condos).
- Quiet neighbourhood (No Noisy night clubs)
- Safe neighbourhood
- Totally flat neighbourhood, no nasty hills to climb.
- Locals are referring to is as the "New" Romantic Zone...

I hope this video provides some value - To discuss more about Versalles, contact me anytime.

The rains come between Mid June and Early October - I'd say it normally rains for about 30 minutes between 4pm & 7pm -  2 to 5 times a week.

Helpful Tip: Don't wear your fancy shoes out for dinner in the rainy season... You may just find yourself wading through the streets..

If you intend on owning Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta, I do recommend getting your temporary residency or permanent residency. Although you do not need residency to BUY or OWN Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta, some benefits come along with having the residency status. If you love Mexico and you want to make it your home or at least a vacation home destination, take the time to get your residency. In this video, you can learn the different steps required. Keep in mind that the rules change from time to time and when it comes time for you to get your residency, the rules may have changed. Consult your lawyer or the immigration websites for the latest rules and steps.

Do you wish to start the process to get your residency card? I do recommend using a lawyer to help you through the different steps. Contact me directly for a list of my "go-to" immigration lawyers or visit Maria's website directly at 
Are you feeling like a little vacation from your vacation? How about do a day trip or an overnight trip to Yelapa? You can take a water taxi right from the Romantic Zone/Los Muertos Pier.
Sayulita and San Pancho are both good surf spots. But also between Punta Mita and Bucerias is a surf beach called La Lancha where you can hire surfboards (and/or have surf lessons). I took my New Zealand friend there to try his luck on the waves and I was surprised by how good/big the waves were for surfing. There is an OXXO, gas station, restaurant and surfboard hiring shop on the right-hand side of the road as you go towards Punta Mita. You can park there and then you cross the main road and walk about 10 minutes through the bush to the beach. If you are looking for that type of wave, you'll likely be pleasantly surprised. A good day trip out!
People, for many years, have done very well buying Real Estate here and renting out their property for the income/investment. But what are your tax obligations on your rental income?

This video addresses those questions! I hope it provides some value. Feel free to reach out directly to Paula Blanco if you have any follow up questions on this topic. OR if you need a bilingual Mexican tax account specialising in rental income tax services.

Paula Blanco
Website and Educational blog posts:
People, for many years, have done very well buying Real Estate here and renting out their property for the income/investment. The most common scenario I see are clients buying now to lock in the current prices, renting out their unit in the meantime with the intention of retiring or spending more time here in the future.

This video gives you some insight on the process of renting out your unit and the things to think about before getting into the short-term rental market / property ownership business.

Do you have more Property Management questions? Get in contact with Paul today. Either Paul or Mary will have your questions answered.
This clever little cookie has chosen the perfect real estate spot. Elevated position and safe from the cars passing by and good views out over the mountains. I bet her friends are a little jealous but sometimes you have to be quick to get the best Locations.
Considerations for buying Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta
This video talks about things to think about or consider when looking to buy real estate in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I hope it provides some value.

TIP 1 - Educate yourself on prices in PV and think about your lifestyle goals when choosing your Mexican retirement destination - does it tick the right boxes for you and your dream lifestyle?
TIP 2 - Don't be disheartened if you can't acquire an ocean view - Pros, cons and things to think about when it comes to Puerto Vallarta views.
TIP 3 - House vs Condo - things to think about.
TIP 4 - Old buildings vs New buildings - things to think about

Costs to buy and costs to own real estate in Puerto Vallarta
I did a video to simply articulated the costs to buy and own real estate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - as an international buyer. I hope it provides some value.

Costs to Buy Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta - see video HERE
Costs to Own Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta - see video HERE

Fideicomiso / Bank Trusts   - Explained
You only have to do a little bit of research online to learn that as a foreign buyer, you need to buy your property here in PV, in a bank trust.
If you continue digging on the Internet you can come across miss information about this. Here I do an interview with one of my 'go to' attorneys for closings / real estate transactions. Reach out to me if you have any questions. I hope the video provides some value. 👍

Mexico City... Are you retired in PV with itchy feet?
You have finally moved/retired to Puerto Vallarta. You are very happy here BUT like any human, you like to have a change of scenery occasionally. I recommend Mexico City and San Miguel. It's cooler weather in the summer than PV. And Mexico City is a quick and easy flight.

Recently, I was lucky enough to have a vacation in Mexico City. My first time there! What a fantastic CITY!! My favourite neighbourhoods are Polanco, Roma and Condesa. I found them all to be/feel very safe. And I was surprised how trendy and Fashionable the city was (right up there if not surpassing London and Paris and alike). I also was impressed with the many many many fantastic and reasonably priced restaurants and cafes. And with one 1 and a half hours flight from Puerto Vallarta, it's a good destination to visit when you want a change of scenery or cooler weather in the summer. I was wearing jeans and jackets in Mexico city...😁😁😁.

I also went to San Miguel for a few days. Absolutely beautiful little city! Worth a trip!! Although I found it to be more expensive than Mexico City.

Moving to Puerto Vallarta to run your own hotel / Airbnb business...?

Let's talk about running an airbnb business here and a few of my tips. Not planing to rent your condo? That's okay, there's something in this blog for you to consider too...

Has your dream always been to retire, consolidate your assets, move to Puerto Vallarta and run your own hotel? What a great way to ease into retirement. A little light work, a side income and meeting great people on a daily basis. In this day and age, it's not an unrealistic goal and is quite manageable. Here I feature a great property for that - see video below.
Talk to Paul if this is your "next phase of life" goal.


Let's make this dream of yours a reality...?

With such websites as Airbnb, it's never been easier to have your own little BnB business. You could have your own websites etc but it's not necessary. If you want to keep things simple, Airbnb does the marketing for you and the bookings are very easy to manage. Once you have learnt to navigate the Airbnb App, you can run your business from the beach while sipping on margaritas. And if you're still working on learning Spanish, you can use google translate to communicate with your cleaners and team back at the hotel.

Note: It's worth talking to a Mexican accountant just to make sure you are skilled up in your tax obligations.

I'm always happy to talk this through with my clients regarding rental strategy.

In New Zealand, I ran my own 2 Airbnb businesses. And the majority of my clients here in PV buy real estate intending to rent out their condo part of the year while they are not in town (using websites like Airbnb etc). Different properties and locations attract different types of people renting and different lengths of stay. Talk to me or your realtor about what your new condo will likely attract in terms of a rental business. (Note: if you intend on having a property manager - the benchmark commission here in PV is 20% of the income. All companies offer slightly different services and slightly different rates. It's worth interviewing a few different companies to find the one that suits your needs and requirements best).


Keep in mind when preparing to run or running short term vacation rentals:

  • There is "wear and tear" on the unit. Be prepared to occasionally replace things like bedsheets, plates and bedside laps. Maybe consider cheaper and stronger items rather than expensive and "trendy" items. Plus a fresh paint every few years to give it a "facelift" and freshen up.
  • Think about how your guests will check-in and check-out. How will they get the key? (Maybe you have a property manager that will arrange this). Keep this aspect simple. If you have to personally meet your guests every check-in, you'll eventually get tired of it. Often aeroplanes or busses are late or tourists don't have a working phone when they arrive in the country to alert you that they are nearby - you can end up waiting for guests to arrive which will only cut into your beach/margarita time. You don't want your life run by guest check-ins. Also, make sure your instructions on finding the property is very clear (even consider having photos and/or a short video showing the way to the property - you don't want panic phone calls last minute from guests trying to find the place).
  • Have a "welcome booklet" that has all the information your guest needs to know and answers to frequently asked questions. Eg: wifi password, troubleshooting the wifi if it stops working, good nearby restaurant recommendations, Basically anything that's going to make their stay easy and more enjoyable. (And it means they get the answer to their questions in the booklet before they bother you for the answer). 


Some advice when buying: When looking for a property here, even if you don't plan to rent it out.

Analyse the rental potential:

  • short term rental potential
  • long term rental potential
  • Income likelihood
  • Types of people who would rent
  • Attributes the property has for renters eg views, amenities and walkability to bars/restaurants. 


1) Although you might not rent, when it comes time to sell, it helps if it shows good rental potential. It helps with the resell. It will attract a larger pool of buyers and therefore a premium price. Especially since PV is a tourist destination. 

2) You never know when you might change your mind on this matter or may be forced to rent for an extra bit of income. It's good to have this option.

Talk to Paul if you have further questions about any of this or if he can be of any help.

Search Puerto Vallarta MLS listings at your own convienience...

Search at this link:

We have a history of international buyers in Puerto Vallarta (Mainly Americans and Canadians) and with that the international buyers demand a centralised MLS system to search and find properties - this has elevated our market to run smoothly like the USA and Canadian Real Estate markets.

Puerto Vallarta MLS (Flex MLS) works well. And to add to that, properties have to pass a certain level of documentation to be listed here which is especially important for international buyers. Properties listed here should be easier and more straight forward for foreign buyers to buy and then later sell.

Talk to me or your AMPI agent on safely buying real estate here in Beautifully Puerto Vallarta.

Looking for a TRUSTED & KNOWLEDGEABLE Real Estate agent in Puerto Vallarta?
Contact Paul Trimmer TODAY! (phone/WhatsApp +52 322 384 6188 | Email | Instagram: paultrimmer_realtor_pv /

For you consideration...Have you given Marina Vallarta a go...?

Considered the Marina Vallarta Neighbourhood for investment, a vacation home or to live/retire?

Why Marina Vallarta?
- Safe
- Quiet
- Fantastic restaurants
- Good infrastructure
- Close to the airport (3 minutes drive)
- Boating
- Golf Course
- It's very beautiful
- Close to supermarkets
- You get more for your money than Zona Romantica (Regarding Real Estate)
- Nicely between Old town and Nuevo Vallarta so good access to both parts of town (vibrance of old town and beaches of Nuevo Vallarta).
- Marina is Flat. No nasty hills to climb.
- Something for everyone: New developments, older PV style condos & Houses. (And even hotel resorts so you can have your friends stay there when they fly in to visit you, instead of staying at your condo 😉👌).

To learn about the new developments and current resell listings in the Marina, ask Paul...

Here in this video is an example of Pre Construction opportunities in the Marina. (Like what you see? Ask Paul for more details)


This weeks topic is International Wire Transfers...

More and more clients are finding international wire transfers a bit more challenging. The questions pop into their minds "have I done it right?" "Will the money arrive or be lost into the international banking system...?"

It can be nerve-racking to send your hard-earned money overseas and waiting to hear if it has safely arrived can cause anyone to have a large whisky or two...

We are finding that some bankers are not sure on what to do, despite it being their job to know. They often ask questions to you (the client) that should be self-explanatory to them. In turn, it makes you (as the buyer sending money) nervous about whether your money will arrive.

Here's our advice:

1) Go into the bank branch and sit down with the branch manager to do the transfer. Take the printed out wire transfer information. Don't do it with internet banking at home.

2) The day before, send the wire transfer information to your bank manager so they can look over it and ask any questions if they are unsure of anything. That will give us time on our end to clarify any questions for your bank manager that need to be answered. This will save you doing two trips to the bank and waiting in line more time than you need to.

3) Try to go to a bigger bank branch. Often it's the small banks who are not skilled up in international transfers.

The good news is, to this day, we have never lost any money on wire transfers, it's always arrived 👍👍🤞😁phew!!

Closings in Puerto Vallarta...
Traditionally, we see a cycle of buyers coming in November to look at properties, they come back in February to buy a property and close in May. (that's a rough outline and not necessarily a recommendation).

When it becomes your time to close, things to keep in mind, 
1) Remember closing costs are 4-6 % of the purchase price, on top of the purchase price. Factor this in when searching for properties.
2) Closings happen altogether (buyers, sellers, realtors, and closing attorneys all together in one room) - the tougher the negotiation was, the more awkward this will be. 😁👍
3) Closings will last about 1-2 hours. (I don't take buyers out looking at properties on days I have closings just in case it goes longer)
4) Sometimes we won't be confirming your closing date till the very last minute when the attorneys give us the "go ahead". We wait for them to confirm as things can change and closings can be delayed. It's a pain to book flights last minute but it's even more of a pain to come here and not close and then have to re-book a trip.
5) Lastly, don't forget your original Passport & Visa (immigration card or immigration paper they give you at the airport) And proof of address (most recent utility bill).

Then it's happy closing!! You get the keys and your Puerto Vallarta dream starts!!

If you have more questions, just reach out to me! Happy to answer any questions you might have.

Educational Video Collection for Buyers - Episode 3 -  Pre Construction & Developments
This weeks episode of GET-TO-THE-POINT is out now.

Episode 3 is about buying Pre-Construction developments. Things you need to know and consider...

Any questions, get in contact with me!

Educational Video Collection for Buyers - Episode 2 -  A - Z PROCESS OF BUYING REAL ESTATE IN PUERTO VALLARTA (AT A GLANCE)

This weeks episode of GET-TO-THE-POINT is out now where I answer some commonly asked questions & outline things you need to know about Real Estate transactions in Puerto Vallarta. I hope it's valuable to you.

Episode 2 (See below) is about the A - Z process of buying Real Estate (at a glance) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Buying Real Estate here in Mexico can seem complicated and overwhelming. But it's a simple enough process when you have a good agent guiding you through and making it happen. Real Estate agents (with help from their team, PA, Closing coordinator) take care of the bulk of the administration. So for you, as the buyer, it's quite simple.

Just be aware: Closing costs are between 4-6% (on top of the purchase price) + There is a yearly fee for the bank trust of around $500 USD for foreign buyers. Property Tax is very cheap here.

Contact me for more information or to answer any questions you may have! 

Educational Video Collection for Buyers - Episode 1 -  CHOOSING YOUR AGENT
Tips for choosing an agent here in Puerto Vallarta - See video

If you like me, and you think would work well together, reach out to me and I would love to help you find a property here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

If you're wanting to choose another agent, I encourage you to make sure they have these attributes (see video).

Any questions, get in contact.
Regards Paul Trimmer
Timothy Real Estate Group
Phone/Whatsapp (+52) 322 384 6188

Sunset Collection
This weeks Sunset Picture was taken by ME. This is a before (Picture Above) and after SUNSET (Picture Below). Taken at a trendy bar on the water front in Zona Romantica.

Puerto Vallarta is known for its sunsets. When my clients and friends send me a picture of their best sunset, I share it with you! ENJOY!

Sunset Collection
This weeks Sunset Picture was taken by ALEX. Thanks ALEX. Although the setting sun isn't in the picture, it looks like a beautiful evening down on Los Muertos Beach. 

Puerto Vallarta is known for its sunsets. When my clients and friends send me a picture of their best sunset, I share it with you! ENJOY!

Advice to first-time buyers in Puerto Vallarta...

Here's a video I did with Poncho who is another agent and good friend here in PV. We give advise to first-time buyers to PV.

IN SUMMARY: We recommend choosing 1 agent to work with throughout the process. Rather than going to each listing agent of each property you like the look of.

Listing agents focus on selling their listing. Whereas a buyer agent can focus on YOU! 

- Buyer agents look out for your best interest.

- Buyer agents can guide you from A-Z of the buying process here in Mexico.

- Buyer agents are on your “side of the fence” fighting for you.

- Buyer agents will listen to you and guide you towards properties that are safe and suitable - & of course, the type of property you're looking for. (Whereas a Listing agent may strongly promote their listing regardless of suitability for you).

- All AMPI agents in PV have access to the same listings and all the same information. 

(Note: You don’t pay your agent - there is no cost to you as the buyer for your agent's services, the buyers' agent is paid by the seller's agent).

Sunset Collection PLUS Featured Listing...

This weeks Sunset!  This picture was taken by Me. I got to spend the afternoon at this development. It's called ORCHID. Very beautiful building in Conchas Chinas. State-of-the-art roof top pool. Our dog certainly enjoyed herself too...(She expects nothing less than state-of-the-art roof top pools these days... some may say she's very spoilt 😒😉).

Puerto Vallarta is known for its sunsets. When my clients and friends send me a picture of their best sunset, I share it with you! ENJOY!

Ask Paul about listings here... If you think it could be a good building to buy in or you want more information, let me know!

Advice in a fast moving market...

Hows the market you ask? (As at 2nd February 2021)

It's great if your thinking of selling! And if you buying, I'll give you my advice... firstly, here's whats happening right now:

  • Currently, the market is moving fast.
  • Properties are selling fast. 
  • Properties are selling via video showings.
  • Properties that have been sitting on the market for a long time are selling in this current market. 

Where does that leave us? Very few listings on the market (less to choose from). So if you have a property to sell, nows a good time to do it. You'll have more buyers looking at your property and there is an urgency in the market that makes the likelihood of "buyer competition" more likely to happen (a real estate agents holy grail). This is when properties sell for full price or more.


For buyers - this is not the time to be "taking your time" and "thinking about it". Because your dream property could be sold out from under you overnight.


I started my real estate career in Auckland, New Zealand where auctions are the way to sell real estate. Simply because of so many buyers - the best way to get the best price is putting buyers under competition to see who will pay the most. So it meant that serious buyers had to be bullish and confident and show up ready to buy! The Puerto Vallarta market is not there yet, but now is the time to be changing your mindset from "if I like a property in November, I'll come back and maybe buy it in April on my next trip to PV" TO "Let's get this done today".


Other advice in a quick moving market like this is to have as cleaner offer as possible. Keep it as simple as possible - for example, a cash offer subject to inspection rather than a heap of other demands/expectations.


For sellers - Contact me to discuss a strategy to get you property sold in today's market with a great result.


For Buyers - Contact me to talk strategy about buying your dream property and not missing out on it.

**Please note, as an agent, I don't put pressure on my clients to make decisions. I just like to keep my clients informed on the current market conditions and likely scenarios you could face and your options to counter those problems. I'm 100% focused on protecting my clients best interest & working to get them the best possible outcome.

Clean Car & Bottled Water with Paul Trimmer Realtor...

Sunset Collection
This weeks Sunset!  This picture was taken by Nick. He hired a boat with friends to do whale watching and took this as they were coming back to shore. Very Beautiful shot. Thanks Nick! 

Puerto Vallarta is known for its sunsets. When my clients and friends send me a picture of their best sunset, I share it with you! ENJOY!

Feel free to send me your best sunset!

Around the corner...
You never know what's around the corner in Puerto Vallarta..
I love going for walks around old town. The alleys and connections between roads on paths and steps lead to really interesting places. On my walk to the observatory I came across some donkeys and horses.

I really encourage you to go for walks around town, off-the-beaten-track, away from the tourist routes. This is when you really fall in love with the beauty of Puerto Vallarta.
For the latest SOLD & PENDING listings by Paul Trimmer -  Click HERE

Our Locally Retired
This week, Kuki (our dog) is aiming for "Elizabeth Taylor" meets "Pacifico" 😂😂😁😍

Our Locally Retired
Someone got to relax a little at Green Chairs over the weekend 😂It's a tough life for the retired here in PV) 

PS Social Distancing was maintained, there was no other dogs in sight.
This weeks Sunset Picture was taken by ISMAEL. Thanks ISMAEL! This was taken at the observatory above Centro! Great spot for sunsets and to get your heart rate up by walking up all the stairs. 😩😭

Puerto Vallarta is known for its sunsets. When my clients and friends send me a picture of their best sunset, I share it with you! ENJOY!

Our Locally Retired
This week she's been relaxing at Mantamar, while i've been off working.. Some life she has! And of course, she doesn't leave the house on the weekend without her weekend pearls on... #highmaintence

PS AGAIN, Social Distancing was maintained, there was no other dogs in sight.

Our Locally Retired

Our Locally Retired @ Christmas
She's getting into the spirit of Christmas!! And with her BFF in town for the occasion, she's a very happy girl!
Merry Christmas from the most famous Puerto Vallarta dachshund!

Restaurant Recommendation
"La Cappella" in Old Town

The family and I went to this restaurant recently and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The service, food and atmosphere were fantastic. It overlooks the cathedral and stunning views out to the ocean. The night we were there, there was live music. A very romantic vibe. A good option for birthdays, anniversaries, romantic dinners out or even to propose. This restaurant had such lovely Mexican charm, the reason we come here to Puerto Vallarta in the first place! 

Go check it out!

Sunset Collection
This weeks Sunset Picture was taken by Sigifredo. Thanks Sigifredo! What a shot!

Puerto Vallarta is known for it's sunsets. When my clients and friends send me a picture of their best sunset, I share it with you! ENJOY!

Favourite Puerto Vallarta Property Collection

Except, not a property this time, but wall art (Murals). Seen all around Puerto Vallarta (especially in old town). Quite often off-the-beaten-track you’ll find one. Arn’t they incredible?!! It brings the town to life. And so well done! I encourage you to go for a walk and see for yourself. Trying to find them is fun and finding them is even better. 

Our Locally Retired
Someone thinks she's Elizabeth Taylor (Standing on Marble, wearing Pearls and drinking Champagne 😂😊😏) 

PS There was no consumption of alcohol by the dog in the making of this photo 😂😂)

Sunset Collection
This weeks Sunset Picture was taken by ME. This was taken at Punta Negra beach on South Shore! A great beach to hang out at!

Puerto Vallarta is known for its sunsets. When my clients and friends send me a picture of their best sunset, I share it with you! ENJOY!

Favourite Puerto Vallarta Property Collection
 This building is Rincon de Almas in the heart of Romantic Zone. And this wall art has become a social media post ‘must have’ for tourists visiting PV.

If I’m grabbing a coffee on the way to work or driving past with clients, there will be tourists having a photo shoot here. Some very simple. Others...very elaborate photo shoots with all the fancy lighting, make-up and hair stylists etc etc. Of course, this picture is just me and my iPhone. There’s no make-up crew and photographer following me around. 😂😎

And if you follow the buildings #hashtag# on Instagram, you’ll see what I mean. This building is famous around the world.

Out & About

Having a small bit of down time between real estate appointments at my favourite beach in Conchas Chinas. If you haven't been, you should go visit. Just walk along the coast from Los Muertos Beach (South from Mantamar). The Conchas Chinas Beach has rocks which give it a very "mediterranean" feel. In the summer especially, it's a great beach to visit. And much quieter than Los Muertos Beach.

My buyers introduction video was filmed on this beach. You can see how beautiful it is!!

Our Locally Retired
She really loves those Mantamar Massages. A bit more expensive than other massages but she really gets her monies worth. Here she is relaxing afterwards down by the beach at Mantamar...with her weekend pearls on..
Favourite Puerto Vallarta Property Collection
This property is down on the Conchas Chinas Beach. One of my Favourite properties of all time. Such lovely Mexican character and comes right down to the my favourite beach.

The collection are pictures of (mostly Real Estate) or parts of Puerto Vallarta that make it so great!
Whether it’s Mexican architecture or PV charm and charisma at its best.
As a real estate expert, my job is to know the area. I love walking around the streets, getting to know different properties, especially when they are off the beaten track.
Photos of this collection are from those walks. (Please note, these properties are not for sale).
I hope you enjoy. It just shows you how wonderful this place is!

Sunset Collection
This weeks Sunset Picture was taken by Bea Mann. Thanks Bea! What a shot!

Puerto Vallarta is known for it's sunsets. When my clients and friends send me a picture of their best sunset, I share it with you! ENJOY!
Favourite Puerto Vallarta Property Collection
If you know PV, you know this place. If you know PV through photos, then you would have seen this property before in photos online. It’s famous! The use of colors are fantastic. It’s charming and inspiring.

The collection are pictures of (mostly Real Estate) or parts of Puerto Vallarta that make it so great!
Whether it’s Mexican architecture or PV charm and charisma at its best.
As a real estate expert, my job is to know the area. I love walking around the streets, getting to know different properties, especially when they are off the beaten track.
Photos of this collection are from those walks. (Please note, these properties are not for sale).
I hope you enjoy. It just shows you how wonderful this place is!

Sunset Collection
This weeks Sunset Picture was sent to me by NICK and he took the photo from Punta Negra (Down near Punta De Mita). Thanks Nick!

Puerto Vallarta is known for it's sunsets. When my clients and friends send me a picture of their best sunset, I share it with you! ENJOY!

Our Locally Retired
The most precious member of our family!! 😍😍 When we get time off, we head to Conchas Chinas Beach. I'm bias, but I think it's the best beach to spend time at. Kuki (our dog) thinks so!! 
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